The two laureates for the first Bob Calle 2017 Artist Book Award are:


Francesc Ruiz

Fahrenheit 451's Comic
Fahrenheit 451's Comic

Stefan Sulzer

The day my mother touched Robert Ryman
The day my mother touched Robert Ryman

On October 16th, at the Beaux Arts de Paris, the first Prix Bob Calle 2017 du livre d'artiste was awarded . The ceremony took place in the amphithéâtre d'honneur des Beaux Arts de Paris, in the presence of Jean Marc Bustamante, its director, as well as all contributors to this first edition. A celebration continued in the Chapel accompanied by an exhibition of the books that participated to the prize.


The Association Bob Calle for Artist's book (1) founded in tribute to the memory of Bob Calle, aims to promote the artists’ Book as a specific form of artistic expression and to contribute to its international influence through the award of an annual prize. To give context to the prize, the association also proposes to organize supporting and dissemination activities which will bring together artists, publishers, gallerists, booksellers, curators, collectors and art lovers.

The award received the support from Bob Calle’s friends : Jean Michel Alberola, Jean Charles Blais, Miguel Barceló, Christian Boltanski, Sophie Calle, Séréna Carone, Johan Creten, Régis Franc, Bertrand Lavier, Annette Messager, Jean Michel Othoniel, Anne Marie Schneider. They have agreed to enrich by a work of art, the libertine tale of Vivant Denon, Point de Lendemain, edited by Éditions 591-Laurence Dumaine Calle, limited edition. The benefits of this bibliophily book will contribute to the prize’ funding.

The Bob Calle association expresses his gratitude for their welcome and support:

to the Beaux-Arts de Paris,

to the Centre Dominique-Vivant Denon musée du Louvre Paris,

to the La Fondation Jan Michalski pour l'écriture et la littérature.

(1) The Prix Européen Bob Calle du livre d'artiste is an initiative from the Association Bob Calle.

President : Laurence Dumaine Calle

Founding members : Jean Philippe Billarant, Jean Philippe Bourgeno (treasurer), Anne Marie Charbonneaux, Stéphane Dumaine-Martin, Gilles Fuchs, Martin Guesnet (general secretary), Catherine Lamour, Francis Trousselier.