Leiterin / Head of Zentrum für Künstlerpublikationen - Centre for Artists’ Publications - in der Weserburg-Museum für moderne Kunst, Brême.



2016 Éditeur: ZCKR Records

Prix : 23 €


The artist’s book itself becomes a manifestation of a concert or performance. The viewer of the book is part of the audience or the dancer. In other words, the artist’s book represents the performance. The performance comes about through the book. It is only through the performance with the aid of the book that the action becomes reality for the viewer, only thus that the consummation has really taken place. The viewer is referred back to his own experience and thus involved in the production of meaning to the point of the imagination of hearing music.

mark Artists’ Collective

private view /19

2016 Éditeur: Self-published

Prix : 18 €

Nominé 2017


The artist book results from the work Private View / 34. Bremer Förderpreis Bildende Kunst, 2010, Städtische Galerie Bremen -based on the notes during the opening at 05.02.2011. 7 PM, the opening of a group show, yet the gallery space is empty of people. One room displays a white wall in its centre. Guests arrive one after another, and fill the room. People drink, talk and behave as usual. From the very beginning, mark experiences, listens and selects fragments. In the gallery’s office space these fragments are noted in single sentences, printed on standard paper and immediately displayed in the gallery. Throughout the evening a formal and lingual grid is established. The current situation is captured sentence by sentence. Occurrences become narratives; visitors become protagonists. Experiencing and reading the very situation oscillates within the system of the ever expanding installation. The sentences that have been installed during the evening will stay on the wall throughout the exhibition period. Jointly mark develops a singular artistic position not re-constructible, what part has contributed or driven forward from which person. mark always starts from a specific context and develops the work with the conditions and the counterpart on the spot. Mark is interested in the moment of the participation of all those who are involved and the expansion of the collective authorship. Artist books and art publications the collective understands as an extension of the exhibition space.


Sammlung Minna Menz /20

2016 Éditeur: Materialverlag HFBK Hamburg

Prix : 900 €


The artist’s book Sammlung Minna Menz is based on a genuine room of 16 m2 located in a stone house not much larger. Minna Menz herself lived in this room until she dies in 1963. Since her death it is uninhabited and her room has not been altered since. However, in time it decayed: tree branches coming in through the windows, wallpaper peeling away, and damp eating up the clothes still hanging in the wardrobes. The viewer moves in a space, feels the material and hears the noise of the flipping pages. Through this book the room may be carried off to different places and transmits the experience of space to people everywhere.